Year 6 pupil Samuel excelling in tennis

Posted by Sitara Bartle on 13 Dec 2022

Modified by Sitara Bartle on 13 Dec 2022

Year 6 pupil Samuel excelling in tennis

Year 6 pupil Samuel has been excelling in tennis, beyond the school courts whilst also balancing his academic studies. 

Samuel's tennis ranking has recently moved up to 4th Under 11s in the UK, following his success in becoming National Champion for Under 11s. 

Samuel spoke about his tennis experiences: "I first started playing tennis when I was two and a half years old when my father would take me to the local park. I really enjoy playing tennis because it’s physical and challenging. I get to make lots of new friends on the way and meet players from around the world. This year I have enjoyed the fact that I get to travel with the sport and I was fortunate enought to be able to go to Poland and Portugal."

He added: “I like competitive tennis because I can work on my game style and play against others with different styles. I enjoy it when I get an award or a trophy. I hope to get to top 150 and play tennis for a living. I would also love to win a grand slam. It felt so amazing to become National Champion for Under 11s Summer 2022”. 

Samuel was also lucky enough to be invited to play a demonstration at Wimbledon earlier this year, and has been voted as Player of the Year for Lancashire. 

Well done Samuel and best of luck for all your upcoming training!


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