Year 6 pupil Hrithvik excelling in cricket

Posted by Sitara Bartle on 09 Dec 2022

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Year 6 pupil Hrithvik excelling in cricket

Year 6 pupil Hrithvik has been excelling in cricket, beyond the school pitches whilst also balancing his academic studies. 

Hrithvik spoke about his initial experiences in the sport: "My first cricket experience came in a tournament when I was 6 years old. My club won the trophy and I was ‘Man of the Match’ in the final. From that moment on, I haven’t stopped. At my club I am an opening batsman and I bowl leg spin, playing with and against boys who are much older than me. This has helped me develop.

"During the summer of 2022, I got selected for the Lancashire U10’s squad and was invited to the Taunton Festival. I had a great week making my highest score of the season, 96 not out. My partner and I had a partnership of 199 for the first wicket! I am currently attending trials for U11’s, hoping to get into the Lancashire team again. At school I play cricket in wraparound and at lunchtimes, but am really looking forward to playing in the fixtures against other schools; we have already started training after school. To try and keep improving, I practise every day at home either by myself by using a swing ball, or shadow-batting in the garage. I also take part in 1-2-1 training or group sessions but only if I have finished all my school homework and reading in time. 

"It is a big ask for me to manage both school and cricket at county level, as it requires a lot of time and effort to practice cricket and achieve academic success. However, with the help of my parents and teachers I am able to plan my time effectively and find a good balance. In school, I try to focus and concentrate in lessons taught by my teachers in class. This helps me to understand so that I have the knowledge to complete my homework to a good standard. I use my homework diary to plan my week and fit in reading, homework and revision for assessments. Doing all this at the right time means that I can have time to practice my cricket at night or during weekends. It’s not that I only do studies and cricket. I use my travel time on the school bus to enjoy spending time with my friends. I also enjoy other sports activities and although it can be tiring and tough, I enjoy it. I can only achieve all this through proper planning and support from the school, teachers, coaches and my parents, all of which I am very grateful for".

Well done Hrithvik and best of luck for all your upcoming training!


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