Year 4 pupil Ishaan excelling in multiple sports

Posted by Sitara Bartle on 10 Jan 2023

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Year 4 pupil Ishaan excelling in multiple sports

Year 4 pupil Ishaan has been excelling in multiple sports, beyond the school pitches whilst also balancing his academic studies. 

Ishaan spoke about his first experiences at MGS: "At first I felt a bit nervous and unsure but my teacher was amazing and made every lesson exciting. I enjoyed learning Spanish and Mathematics together with other subjects  making me look  forward to going to school and I quickly began to enjoy every minute of it.

"MGS provides a wide variety of sports. I play football, tennis, gymnastics, rugby, cricket, swimming and golf and take part in all of these activities in and out of school. I have been playing football since the age of three and I have loved the game ever since. I was selected to play at the Manchester City festival against other schools. I was so excited to be there, at their training  grounds, the  Etihad Stadium. I walked onto the pitch and played my best. I was lucky enough to be offered a spot to train with their U8’s Select  Academy. Manchester City spoke to the Sports Department at MGS and I started training twice a week with them. At this point I was training five times a week and playing matches too. At the academy I found myself playing with young footballers from all over the country and I made some amazing friends. The standard of football is very high and I was pushed to improve in leaps and bounds.

"Months later we attended Manchester United’s training grounds for another festival. Much to my delight I was awarded player of the tournament. My passion for football grew. I also enjoy playing tennis and was runner up for the U8’s Cheshire County Finals. I train twice a week and  play tournaments when I can. I started gymnastics at the age of four and I feel that this has improved my movement on the football pitch. Later I took up golf; I  found it quite challenging at first, but now it is extremely relaxing".

He concluded by saying: "I love sports and most of my free time is spent doing some sort of sports, but I also understand the importance of my school work and make sure that I try to balance the two. I feel that MGS has given me the tools, support and opportunities to excel academically and at sports and I will continue to strive to do better at both".

Well done Ishaan and keep enjoying all of the different sports!


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