New Vice-Captains 2024-25

Posted by Sitara Bartle on 15 May 2024

Modified by Sitara Bartle on 16 May 2024

Congratulations to Year 12 pupils Angus and Jake for being chosen as Vice-Captains at The Manchester Grammar School for the 2024-25 academic year. Both pupils will be an intrinsic part of the School Officer team alongside School Captain Jack for the forthcoming year. 

Angus said: “I am honoured to accept the role of Vice-Captain and am very excited about the year ahead. Having joined MGS in Year 3 in 2014, I have now been here for over nine years, and I wouldn’t change a second of it. The opportunities I have received at MGS are unparalleled.

“Reflecting on my time at MGS, my top three memories are: first, the trips to the Owl's Nest, both in Year 7 or 8 and my two visits as a prefect this year. Secondly, the Senior Rugby tour to South Africa holds a special place in my heart. Lastly, participating in a variety of sports, with rugby and hockey as my main pursuits, along with tennis, water polo, and many others, has been a highlight of my school life.

“In my role as Vice-Captain, I will primarily be responsible for the behind-the-scenes organisation, including managing event documentation and overseeing the prefects, ensuring their presence at various events is properly coordinated. This is crucial for the smooth running of many school functions. I anticipate facing more opportunities and challenges as the year progresses, but I am confident, knowing I have a fantastic team and Jake as the other Vice-Captain by my side”.

Jake spoke about his time at the school: “When I joined the School in Year 7, I was immediately struck by the wealth of opportunities on offer for the students, both inside and outside of the classroom. Transitioning from primary school, with 13 pupils in my year group, to MGS, with 200, was certainly daunting at first, yet the incredible support and encouragement provided by the school enabled me to make the most of these opportunities. Academically, I have particularly enjoyed pursuing my passion for languages, and having continued my studies in French and Italian to A Level, I am now relishing the chance to gain a deeper understanding of foreign culture and different ways of life. I have also been able to explore my interests beyond the classroom within the MFL Department, by participating in the UK Linguistics Olympiad, giving numerous talks at Senior Languages Society, and experiencing a memorable trip to Cap d’Ail in November, to name a few examples. Because of this platform provided by the School, I am very much looking forward to beginning my application to study French and Italian at university soon. 

Jake added: “The co-curricular life at MGS, particularly that of the Music and Drama Departments, has also been an integral part of my journey through the school. From leading the Concert Band, to being part of the school’s truly special productions of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and ‘Les Misérables’, to performing in the Rhineland on the Music Tour last summer, I have greatly appreciated the chances I have had to follow my love for the performing arts.  Having gratefully enjoyed the benefits of the opportunities presented by MGS, I have been delighted to serve the school in many ways since my journey began in 2018. Giving back to the school community has always provided me with a great sense of gratification and fulfilment, whether it be helping to teach both Italian and Music to pupils in the Junior School, accompanying Year 8 pupils as a prefect on their trip to the Owl’s Nest, or, most recently, giving a speech to the parents of new Year 7 students on the importance of studying languages. It is, therefore, a huge honour to have been chosen as Vice-Captain of the School for 2024-25, a position which will allow me to continue to give back to those that have given so much to me over the years. As part of the Senior Officer Team, I hope to encourage the strengthening of connections across all areas of the MGS community, to maintain the welcoming and unified environment of the school. I am also especially looking forward to representing the school at various events, alongside my incredible fellow Officers!”

Jake concluded by saying: “Having reflected on my experiences at MGS, I would like to advise all new students joining us in September to fully immerse themselves in everything the school has to offer, both by pursuing their current interests and exploring new ones. This will certainly require considerable experimentation, willingness and courage, yet it is undoubtably the path that will lead to the greatest success and fulfilment in the future”.


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