MGS launches free Online Courses

Posted by Sitara Bartle on 06 Jun 2024

Modified by Sitara Bartle on 06 Jun 2024

The Manchester Grammar School has developed a wide range of free-to-access online academic courses for pupils both within the school and beyond. Drawing on experience from remote learning during the COVID lockdowns, the school aims to make high-quality learning accessible to more pupils who wish to stretch themselves beyond the standard curriculum.

Dan Lacey, Deputy Head of Teaching and Learning at the school, commented: "The content has been designed by MGS teachers to give a taste of undergraduate study, helping to inform pupils’ subject choices and bridge the gap between academic study at sixth form and university level. With five courses under construction this year, MGS will host twelve academic courses by summer 2024, all of which will be publicly available at no cost. We believe that combining educational technology with MGS teachers’ academic expertise has resulted in high-quality, educational content of benefit to the MGS community and others around the world."

The initiative reflects Manchester Grammar School's commitment to leveraging technology to enhance educational outcomes and expand learning opportunities for students globally. By summer 2024, the school will offer courses covering a wide array of subjects designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity and support academic progression.

For more information and to view the courses, visit our Archives website:


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