Hoots from the Archive - Ulula at 150: Designs over Time

Posted by Rachel Kneale on 27 Apr 2023

Modified by Rachel Kneale on 27 Apr 2023

Ulula 1971

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Ulula and this is the first in a running series showcasing some of the best bits of the School’s magazine across the years. The majority of the Ulula archive is available to browse here

The Ulula we know and love has changed hugely across a century and half, not least its physical appearance. The initial publication was around 21cm x 14cm in size and this did not change till the 450th anniversary year of 1965, when the size increased to 18.5cm x 25cm. The size increased again in 1983 to the standard A4 size, and remained that way until this year. The 2022 edition of Ulula is American Letter size (21.6cm by 27.9cm).

The front cover of Ulula has evolved too. The initial design persisted until 1933, and since then a dazzling array of different covers have been created. Click below to browse through a gallery of various covers of Ulula in chronological order:



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