Hoots from the Archive - The MGS Corridors

Posted by Rachel Kneale on 27 Mar 2024

Modified by Rachel Kneale on 27 Mar 2024

1950s Corridor

The corridors at MGS with their distinctive green tiles often stay in the memory long after a pupil has left. They are a part of the School that has not changed much since 1931, and are instantly recognised by visiting Old Mancunians. Here is a selection of photographs from across the decades of these corridors - the boys, the posters, the staff have all changed, the tiles...not so much!

These photographs were taken by Gilbert Roscoe (OM 1953 - 61):

                                         An informal shot of Eric James on the High Master's corridor. Can anyone identify the other member of staff?

A similar shot, taken a touch earlier in the 1940s shows the paintings on the wall:

This photograph, courtesy of Dave Harris (1965 - 1971) was taken in the 1960s, showing the corridor near the Refectory:

This photograph shows the High Master's corridor in the 1980s:

The below photograph dates to 2014, and was used on the reverse cover of "MGS: A History at 500" which was published to celebrate the School's quincentenary in 2015:

Here are some photographs from the recent years:


Martin Greer (Jennings)

1 Like Posted 27 days ago

I like the one looking out on a sunny day.  Bright and optimistic.  Sun streaming into the corridor illuminating the subtle turquoise green.  Venetian-style windows projecting bright solar illumination into the corridor.  Yes I suppose it is evocative, and the contrast of the brightly illuminated sections against the “dingy” dim shadowy parts creates interplay and tension of feelings like an urge to get free into the daylight away from the shadows.  Quite an artistic recollection memory.  (Not all wonderful!)

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