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Posted by Rachel Kneale on 02 Jun 2022

Modified by Rachel Kneale on 24 Nov 2022

The Queen 1965

As the Queen celebrates her Platinum Jubilee this week, we have digitised a collection of photographs taken in 1965 when the 450th anniversary of the School was marked by a royal visit.

To see the full gallery of images, follow these links:



We also have film footage of the day, which can be watched here:



Victor Croasdale OM 1964-1971

1 Like Posted 2 years ago

The following images are  horizontally reversed

Image 18 - Check the writing on the wall panels

Image 21 - Check the location of the organ. I'm in that picture, one of the choir members but I can't identify where.

Does anyone know the names of the people in the photos?

Rachel Kneale

0 Likes Posted 2 years ago

Thanks Victor - you're right - those images don't look quite right, I'll have to check the originals

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